IMPACT 2017 | FAQs
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Q & As for IMPACT 2017

Q1. So what is IMPACT 2017 all about?

Impact is a conference hosted by Action Chapel International under the
auspices of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. This year’s convention will be over a period of 8 days of power packed activities. It will be a powerful time of praises, thanks-giving and a time of worship to God for his goodness. Impactful, spirit filled teaching and preaching from world renown men and women of God will also be imparted.

Q.2 What can participants expect attending IMPACT 2017?

Participants should come expecting a touch from God. Each year we see hundreds of break throughs as a result of anointed preaching, teaching and fellowship This year’s event will be phenomenal with a variety of activities. Come expecting that your life will never be the same again.

Q.3 How long has IMPACT been running?

Impact has been running for many years, but this year is special as the church celebrates 40 years in ministry.

Q.4 What are the dates for IMPACT 2017?

Impact 2017 is a week long programme that will formally commence on Sunday 26 November, 2017 at 6.00pm. Please note, however, that this year’s Women Arise Summit will take place on Saturday 25th November, 2017 from 12.00 noon. The last day of Impact 2017 is on 03 December, 2017

Q.5What are the times for IMPACT 2017?

There will be morning sessions from and evening sessions from 6.00pm each day. Schedule is available on the website.

Q.6 Can you share some information on the speakers this year

Our speakers this year include Pastor Paula White-Cain, Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center, Orlando Florida; Bishop Jackie McCullough, Founder of the International Gathering at Beth Rapha, Pomona, NY USA; Bishop John Francis, Founder, Rauch Church UK; Bishop Don Meares, Evangel Cathedral, USA; Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Founder, Fountain Gate Chapel, Bolgatanga, Ghana; Prophet Victor Kusi-Boateng of Power Chapel Worldwide, Kumasi; and Rev. Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi of Global Revival Ministries, Accra.

Q.7 We see the signs for “40 Sixty” – what does it stand for and what is Action Chapel celebrating?

This has been a special year for the Action Chapel International family as we have celebrated 2 incredible miles stones – 40 years since the founding of the ministry (then known as Christian Action Faith Ministries) and 60 years of life of our father and patriarch, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. Our theme has been acknowledging the goodness and faithfulness of God to bring us this far – “Ebenezer”. It has been some wonderful year sharing memories, hosting Archbishop’s birthday in May, launching his life story in the “Providence and Destiny” book and documentary and coming together as a family now to celebrate IMPACT. IMPACT is always a wonderful, powerful time but this year will be extra special as we crown the year of celebration.

Q.8 Where is IMPACT taking place this year?

IMPACT 2017 will take place at the Main Auditorium, on the grounds of Action Chapel International, Spintex Road Accra.

Q.9 How do participants register? Is it a paid event?

This is a free event! But registration is encouraged on our website and Facebook pages.

Q.10 Tell us about Women Arise and the Business Breakfast – are these external to IMPACT? Are they paid events?

We always host a women’s summit and a business meeting as part of our wider IMPACT convention. This year the Women Arise Summit will be held on Saturday 25th November – our speakers are Bishop Jacqueline E. McCullough and Apostle Lorraine Laryea – the theme is “True Beauty vrs Charm” – it promises to be a wonderful time of growth for our women. That is a free event and we encourage all women of all ages to join Lady Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams and the Women of Action Ministry on Saturday 25th November 2017.

There will be a powerful breakfast meeting for business men, women and professionals on Saturday 2 December at 7:30am prompt. We are excited that Rev Eastwood Anaba will be speaking at the breakfast meeting and sharing deep insights. This is a paid event at the cost of GHC100 (One Hundred Ghana Cedis only). Seats are limited. Tickets are available at the Action Chapel Dominion Bookshop.

Q.11 We understand Ebo Whyte has written a play about the life of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams that will be premiering during IMPACT 2017. What is this all about?

We are excited about the play. This is a first! I – it is a candid story of the Archbishop’s testimony and conversion. We hope it encourages more people – especially the young to see what God can do with a surrendered life.

Q.12 Will there be hotel and transport arrangements for the event?

Yes there are a number of hotels available to guest travelling from outside Ghana and requiring accommodation. These can be found at the website. For any further requirements, please email [email protected].

Q.13 Where can our listeners/viewers get more information on IMPACT 2017 and register for IMPACT 2017?

Information is available at